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We Continue To Feed the Oliver Community

Greetings donors,

Knox Presbyterian Church would like you to become a gracious partner in our vital missions

in the East Baltimore Oliver community.


Give away meals  are wholesome and  delicious . 

We would  like to invite you to partner with us to ensure that this impact ministries continues.

Would you consider it today?  The church and community would be extremely grateful and look forward to acknowledging your gift and meeting you in person. 

We also invite you to worship with us and give thanks to God for how the "Spirit" moves on all of us to do the will of God.

Thank you for your gracious gift

The Mission and Outreach Ministry 

Ways you can donate:

In Person

Mail to:

Knox Presbyterian Church

1300 N. Eden Street Baltimore Md 21213


 Elder Karen Garrett

Clerk of Session

 Elder Karen Garrett

Clerk of Session



Please give at $KnoxChurch 

Be Inspired
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